Monday, September 04, 2017

Police Again severely mutilates innocent Dafers... Dafer Atrocity - a common phenomenon

“Ben, these police are after us, asking us to surrender the weapons we have. How are we supposed to have weapons? Do they think we have opened a weapon manufacturing unit?? My husband died when my son Noor was 10 years old, since that day we have not spent a single day around the boundaries. Since past 25 years have been living in Kalawar. Both, my son and I have been working as laborers to make living. We go wherever work takes us, if we get work on farms we go there but not to loot, rob or hunt, that is not what we do!! Yet, since last four days the Kalawar police officials have been visiting our house every evening. They are threatening Noor Mohammad and his wife, asking them to surrender the weapons they have…. Earlier it was just the weapons now they are asking for my son. Have I raised him for them? Noor’s wife objected and stood up against the police to which they got furious, hit her so hard that her face has swollen. They are talking rubbish, talking filthy and abusing us which is difficult to listen. We are innocent, we have no such thing as weapon and nothing of the sort they are asking for!! Help us from the police wrath, Ben! If it does not stop we will have to commit suicide… We are poor but, we live in a decent locality and the police reaching here every day is ruining our image…” a very painful appeal from Rehmatben.

“The police do not understand; what will we do weapons when we work in city!!” said Noor as matter of fact…

Rehmatben desires to live a simple life and the police is not allowing them to live in peace. The family has no previous police records, has been living a decent life and the police thinks otherwise.
I fail to understand why police behaves in such a manner, go get a warrant and search but, they do have other tactics they come with a weapon in their vehicle and ask for men…I don’t know what instructions they have received from #Gandhinagar…. We have always told the police force, have a dialogue with us, we will help you find the ones involved in unlawful activities, but please stop harassing the innocent Dafer….
This is not a request or a humble appeal, this is our anger speaking now….
(the picture is not of Rehmatben but of another Dafer lady who have been victim of police abuse)

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